Is there anything better…

Is there anything better than wearing your teams championship hat in your rivals home town?  I don’t think so.  Today I’m going to my girlfriends friends engagement party in NY and of course I will be happily sporting a Phillies championship hat.  Of course  I won’t be able to enjoy it too long as a system will be shooting up the east coast bringing a chance of sleet and snow late tonight…around the same time I’ll be driving back to Allentown.  Oh well, March loves to come in like a Lion, now if only we could get some warm weather later in the month.

The system here in the NE will not spare those in Florida as a front moves through the Peninsula.  Temperatures will be 10-20 degrees cooler tomorrow than they are today especially in the northern cities.  Following the passage of of the front gusty winds will give teams time to practice some fly ball drills.  Players will not appreciate the cooler temperatures because getting jammed will hurt like hell, better hit the good part of the bat.

Conditions in Arizona will be ideal with temps in the upper 70’s and low 80’s.  Mostly sunny and dry.

As a treat, below are the tickets for this years Phillies games. Sorry about the low quality.   OPENING DAY 2009! 


Florida and Arizona Weather

Temperatures in Florida are perfect for viewing a ball game today.  Upper 80’s in the middle of the state while the western coast will hover in mid 70’s.  Winds will be from the south but not very strong.  Rain outs are not likely today at all.  Sunday looks like the best chance of rain outs in Florida as a cold front goes through the area dropping temperatures into the 60’s in most of the state and there could even be some 50’s early in the week next week. 

In Arizona you couldnt ask for better conditions.  Temperatures in the low 80s with light winds.  Ideal conditions for work outs.  

Whoever came up with the idea of spring training couldnt have picked 2 better states weather wise.

A Brief Introduction




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With the number of fan blogs out there I’m aiming to do
something a little different by blogging about the weather and baseball
together.  I have been involved in
baseball, in one way or another, since I was born and I love all things weather
related.  Although my aspirations of
being a second basemen for the Phillies never quite panned out, I did receive
my degree in Meteorology from Millersville
University. Combining my
two loves seems almost natural to me.   I
currently work for Weather Trends International in Bethlehem PA
and help retailers make decisions based on the weather.  I like to think I’m very good at what I do.   


In the writings on this blog I want to alert baseball fans
as to how the weather is going to impact the game.  I will try to make people aware if there are
strong winds blowing out to left at Wrigley, or if there is a chance of rain in
Florida.    Although a lot of this information will come
off as boring, I will also mix in my thoughts as a Phillies fan.  I hold Sunday season tickets and was actually
at game 5 of the World Series (both of them).  I hope you enjoy and please don’t hesitate to
ask me questions.